La Nicoise Cafe

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“My wife and I have eaten a La Niçoise several times, and each time the owner, Frederic, and his staff have gone out of their way to make our dining experience extra special. With arguably the best food in all of Winchester, the fact that the prices are extremely reasonable, and the atmosphere so cozy and authentic means one can have an amazing meal and a truly special afternoon or evening without breaking the bank. What Frederic has created here is the very opposite of “pretentious” - a romantic get away that’s also perfect for the whole family and a friendly enclave serving true French country food. Perfect for two, or a gathering of good friends, it is place you simply cannot miss.”Michael and Tina S.

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“We tried this restaurant several months ago; for something different. As turns out my husband and I loved it. The owner, Frederic is wonderful. He always remembers me and he personally comes out and talks with the customers. I feel at home. And, as far as “pricey’ I think its extremely fair priced for the quality of the food. You can tell it’s not pre-made or prepackaged by any means. Check them out whenever you can, you won’t regret it!”Cathy Patterson

From The Shepherdstown Chronicle

“Garlic is the perfume of cuisine. Smell it, and you know that something good is likely to emerge from the kitchen.

La Niçoise is fragranced liberally. Walking into the new country-French restaurant in Winchester is to be rewarded with the scent.”Maggie Wolff Peterson


“I am completely infatuated with this café. I have eaten here four times since I found it early last week. It's hidden behind the walking but most definitely worth taking the short walk to dine.”YuppieMom


“Dozens of visits and always delicious, true Nicoisian and Provencal flavorful meals! A friend and I met Frederick as he was preparing to open the cafe and told us the food and atmosphere would be based on the wonderful cafes in Nice and Provence. I've NEVER been disappointed. The food is always fresh and delicious.”Laura H.

From Weekender Dining Review

“When the meals arrived, the guests raved about the quality and preparation of the food.

Overall, the food and atmosphere was something truly special and different in the area [Winchester.] By the end of the meal, you will speak fluent French. Or at least enough to say Bon Appetit.”The Gourmet


“Had a great time. Glad to have this type of food in Winchester. Great atmosphere, great food, fair prices. Ask to speak to Frederic, the owner, when you go. His charisma and knowledge will make this French dining experience well worth your it.”Neil C.